Lab 0: Course Introductions (60 pts)
Due Thursday, January 11 at 9:20am on Canvas

Note: For assignments 1-3 below, please upload a pdf, doc, docx, odt, or txt file only! Thank you!

1. Complete and Upload Syllabus & Website Treasure Hunt (15 pts)

2. Complete and Upload Learning and Intelligence Assignment (15 pts)

3. Watch and Read "Three Things Top Performing Students Know that Their Peers Miss" and then Complete and Upload this Worksheet (15 pts)

4. Post a Clear Headshot Photo of Yourself on Your Canvas Profile (15 pts)
  • Go to "Account" -> "Profile" -> Click on the photo and upload a new photo
  • Please select a photo that is a close up photo of your face to receive full credit. 
  • The goal of this assignment is to help me learn your names. If I cannot see your face clearly, the photo will not be helpful.
  • Because the images on my course list are so small, this photo needs to be of your face only -- not your face and shoulders or your face and body -- or the image of your face will be too tiny for me to recognize.
  • For example:
Close Up Photo of Face would receive full credit (15/15)
Photo of face only (Albert Einstein)

Photo of face and shoulders would receive two thirds credit (10/15)

Photo of face and shoulders (Albert Einstein)

Photo of face and body would receive one third credit (5/10)

  • Please do not upload a photo that is not of you or you will receive no credit for this assignment
  • Partial credit as described above for a photo of your face and body or if I cannot clearly see your face in the tiny image next to your name on my course list.
  • No credit if I cannot see your face or the photo is not a picture of you.
  • No credit for a photo that I consider to be inappropriate for an academic or professional setting.
  • Feel free to make use of photo editing software to crop your photo. Visit the de Anza computer lab for help using photo editing software.