Welcome to Lesson 14!

  • Project Report 3 and Peer Evaluation 1 due one week from today
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  • Midterm 2 Next Thursday
    • Midterm 2 review sheet posted
  • Last day to drop with a "W" is this Friday
    • You can check your current grade on Canvas
    • Please feel free to talk to me if you are considering dropping the class
  • Quiz 5 on Thursday
    • Graphs, Hash Tables, Binary Search Trees
    • Return Quiz 4
  • Last lab posted - on graphs!
  • Next Women in Computer Science club meeting this Wednesday at 12:30pm in the ATC 203 main lab

Review Activity

  • Is the graph connected or disconnected?
  • Is it directed or undirected?
  • What is the degree of vertex B in the graph?
  • Which vertices are considered adjacent to vertex A?

Image source.

  • Write the hash function from the Hash Table Lab

Wrap Up Graph Fundamentals Lesson

Upcoming Assignments