Welcome to Lesson 15!

Learning Objectives
By the end of this class, you should know...
  • Wrap up Heap lesson

  • Quiz 5 today
  • Lab 8 due on Monday - Heaps!
  • Project Report 3 and Peer Evaluation due Monday
    • The Heap from Lab 8 will be adapted to become a Priority Queue in your project
    • You will need to research Priority Queue's for the project
    • Each value will be inserted into the PQ according to its priority
    • The value with the highest priority goes at the root of the heap
    • So, you will need to develop an algorithm to assign priorities to Orders.
  • Midterm 2 one week from today
    • Midterm Review Guide posted
  • Last day to drop with a 'W' is Friday
    • Check out your current grade on Canvas
    • Still more than 65% of the class to go - midterm 2, final, course project, 2 more quizzes + Lab 8
    • See me if you would like to talk about whether to remain in the class

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