• Final Project Demonstration next class
    • Tuesday from 9:15-11:15am. We will begin promptly, so please be on time and ready to show off your project!
    • Each team will need to present the project to me and allow me to test it following a **strict** schedule (below)
    • Each team will also need to present their project to three other teams during the final period and demo the project to these teams
    • Follow the presentation outline on the course project page
    • Your team will also need to evaluate 3 other teams during the final period and submit your evaluations before the end of class
    • The evaluation forms will be distributed during class on Tuesday.
  • Project Report 5 and Peer Evaluation 2 due on Tuesday - hard copies submitted during class.
  • Last in-person office hour of the quarter today from 1:30-2:20pm.
    • This is your last chance to submit your Lab 10 late.
  • Final exams will not be returned.
    • You can "visit" your exam during my office hours next quarter if you want to see it, but, you cannot take it home with you.

Presentation Schedule to the Instructor

9:15-9:30am Team 1

9:30-9:45am Team 2

9:45-10:00am Team 3

10:00-10:15am Team 4

10:15-10:30am Team 5

10:30-10:45am Team 6

10:45-11:00am Team 7

11:00-11:15am Team 8

Team Evaluation Schedule