Assignment 3
Due Thursday, April 19 at 9:20am on Canvas

Note: All homework assignments are to be done individually

Optional: Install Eclipse on your home computer or laptop following the tutorial.  If you run into problems with Eclipse, you can visit me during office hours for one-on-one help. Or, you can do your work on the lab computers instead.

Assignment 3.1: Binary-Decimal Review Homework (10 pts)
  • Complete this worksheet by converting any binary numbers to the decimal system and any decimal numbers to the binary system.
  • This assignment will be good practice for your quiz (hint! hint!)
  • When you are finished, upload your assignment to Canvas

Assignment 3.2: Your Future Goals (10 pts)
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and 50 years?
  • Objective: Write a program to print this information out onto the screen.
  • Open a new C++ project in Eclipse and name it Future
  • Add a new C++ file also named future.cpp
  • Alter the block comment at the top of your program to contain your name and section information like so:
* YourNameHere
* CIS 22A

  • Create 4 cout statements with an answer to the above 4 questions.
  • Each question needs to be printed on a separate line (don't forget to use either endl or \n)
  • When finished, upload your future.cpp file to Canvas.
  • To find this file, you will (most likely) need to look under Documents -> Workspace -> Future->src -> Future -> future.cpp
  • However, if you close Eclipse and re-open it, it will remind you where your workspace is (i.e. where it is saving your files).
  • When you are finished, run your program and you should get output similar to the following (but not identical).
  • You should print out YOUR answers to the questions.
In five years, I expect to have graduated from college.
In ten years, I will be working at Google.
In twenty years, I will be married with 3 kids.
In fifty years, I will be retired and cruising the Carribean.

Assignment 3.3: Writing Your Name (10 pts)
  • For this project write a C++ program that displays your name in banner-sized letters to the console.
  • For example, the output of the program for the name J Parrish would be:
   J P  P A  A R  R R  R  II  S    H  H
J  J P    A  A R  R R  R  II     S H  H
 JJ  P    A  A R  R R  R IIII SSS  H  H
Project Specifications
  • The letters should be written like the above using a 4 character width by 5 character height (4x5) letters.
  • The name of the source code file must be Banner.cpp
  • Each banner letter must be made from the uppercase letters of the letter being created.
    For example, a banner "A" would be made of uppercase A's as shown above.
  • Print at least 7 banner-sized letters and no more than 18.
    The example above has 8 banner-sized letters.
  • Note: No input is needed or allowed.
  • Hint: Think in terms of horizontal lines! You will not be able to print one letter at a time. Rather, you will need to print out each row of the output one by one. Therefore, you will need exactly 5 cout statements.
  • In the above example, this is the first row:
  • When you are finished, upload Banner.cpp to Canvas.

Assignment 3.4: Pair Programming (10 pts)

  • Introduction to Pair Programming: a professionally developed video (10 minutes)
  • Watch the above video and answer the questions on this worksheet
  • Upload your completed worksheet to Canvas when you are finished as a .doc, .docx or .pdf.