Assignment 3
Due Thursday, October 6 at 3:20pm on Catalyst

Optional: Install CodeBlocks on your home computer or laptop following the tutorial. If you run into problems visit me during office hours for one-on-one help.

Activity 3.1: Screen Play - Please complete this activity from class

Assignment 3.1: More Binary-Decimal Practice (10 pts)
  • Please complete this worksheet and then upload it to Catalyst when you are finished

Assignment 3.2: Job Interview Questions (10 pts)
  • Imagine someone is applying for a job at your company which makes children's toys.
  • What are the 5 most important questions to ask candidates during an interview at your company?
  • Objective: Write a program to print this information out onto the screen.
  • Open a new C++ file in CodeBlocks and name it interview.cpp
  • Write a block comment at the top of your program with your name and section information like so:
* Firstname Lastname
* CIS 22A T/Th 3:30pm
  • Don't forget the iostream library, standard namespace and to create your main function
  • Create 5 cout statements with your five questions. Each question needs to be printed on a separate line (5 endl or \n).
  • When finished, upload your interview.cpp file to Catalyst.
  • When you are finished, run your program and you should get output similar to the following (except your program should print 5 questions instead of 2):
What was your favorite toy as a child?
Would you describe yourself as more of a fun-loving or serious person? Explain.