Assignment 1
Due Friday, April 17 at 11:59pm on Canvas.

Note that these assignments should be completed individually. We will start working with partners for assignment 3!

Assignment 1.1: Syllabus and Website Treasure Hunt Quiz (10 pts)

  • Read the syllabus and look through the course website and our class Canvas site.
  • Then, complete the Syllabus and Website Treasure Hunt Quiz posted on Canvas
  • You can take the quiz as many times as you would like until the deadline
  • The score of the final quiz attempt will be the one entered into the gradebook

Assignment 1.2: Post a Clear Headshot Photo of Yourself on Your Canvas Profile (10 pts)
  • Go to "Account" -> "Profile" -> Click on the photo and upload a new photo
  • Please select a photo that is a close up photo of your face to receive full credit.
  • The goal of this assignment is to help me learn your names. If I cannot see your face clearly, the photo will not be helpful.
  • Because the images on my course list are so small, this photo needs to be of your face only -- not your face and shoulders or your face and body -- or the image of your face will be too tiny for me to recognize.
  • For example:

Close Up Photo of Face would receive full credit (10/10)
Photo of face only (Albert Einstein)

Photo of face and shoulders would receive partial credit (7/10)

Photo of face and shoulders (Albert Einstein)

Photo of face and body would receive half credit (5/10)

  • Please do not upload a photo that is not of you or you will receive no credit for this assignment
  • Half credit for a photo of your face and body or if I cannot clearly see your face in the tiny image next to your name on my course list.
  • Half credit if I can only see one of your eyes.
  • No credit if I cannot see your face.
  • No credit for a photo that I consider to be inappropriate for an academic or professional setting.
  • No credit for a missing photo.
  • Feel free to make use of photo editing software to crop your photo.

Assignment 1.3: Hour of Code - Writing your First Program (10 pts)

The purpose of this assignment is to give you an intuitive grasp of important programming concepts. While completing this assignment, please pay particular attention to how the computer executes the instructions you give it in order!

Before You Begin Watch: What is Hour of Code?

Please read ALL of these instructions carefully before you start the assignment!

You will be completing the "Hour of Code" puzzle series as follows:

Angry Birds/Maze Hour of Code
  1. Click here to access this hour of code.
  2.  Important! After completing all puzzles for your hour of code, you will earn a certificate. 
  3. Enter your full name (first and last names) in the text box next to the certificate, and press the "Submit" button. Note that the certificate will not accept more than two names for some reason. Please provide at least one first and one last name for full credit. If your full name doesn't fit into the text box, that is okay.

  4.  Then, your name should appear on the image of the certificate

    5. Important: YOUR name must be on each certificate to receive credit!
    6. Click on the image of the certificate. The image should appear larger and in a new tab.
    7. Highlight the URL (web address) of your certificate by clicking in the browser bar and pressing control+a (or command+a if you are on a Mac)

    8. Now, copy the link by pressing control+c (or command + c if you are on a mac)
    9. Paste the link into the assignment box on Canvas for this Hour of Code assignment by using control + v (or command + v if you are on a Mac)
    10. For example, here is the link to my "Hour of Code" certificate:
    11. Your Angry Birds hour of code certificate should be identical except your name will be on it. You will want to verify that your link works by copying and pasting it into a new tab on your browser and verifying that your certificate appears with your name like the one linked above.