Assignment 3
Due Thursday, January 17 at 11:20am on Canvas

Install Eclipse on your home computer (Optional)
  • You can use the Eclipse installed on lab computers in the ATC 203 computer lab for assignments in this class.
  • Installing on your home computer is optional.
  • See my tutorial for help installing and creating a new project, and for a trouble shooting guide
  • See the De Anza CIS Tutorial on Eclipse for Mac and Windows
  • Note that this may be the biggest challenge you face in the class this quarter (... sort of joking!). Installing new software can be tricky!
  • Get started on your installation early and plan on stopping by the ATC 203 computer lab to complete your homework if you are unable to get Eclipse installed on your own computer in time for Thursday's assignment deadline.
  • Feel free to come to office hours for help with installation (best if you can bring in the computer)

Note: All homework assignments are to be done individually

Assignment 3.1: Your Future Goals (10 pts)
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 25 years, and 50 years?
  • Objective: Write a program to print this information out onto the screen.
  • Open a new Java project in Eclipse and name it FutureGoals
  • Add a new class also named FutureGoals
  • Alter the block comment at the top of your program to contain your name and section information like so:
* @author YourNameHere
* CIS 36A

  • Create 5 System.out.println statements with an answer to the above 4 questions.
  • Each question needs to be printed on a separate line with a ;.
  • When finished, upload your file to Canvas.
  • To find this file, you will (most likely) need to look under Documents -> Workspace -> FutureGoals->src -> FutureGoals ->
  • However, if you close Eclipse and re-open it, it will remind you where your workspace is (i.e. where it is saving your files).
  • When you are finished, run your program and you should get output similar to the following (but not identical).
  • You should print out YOUR answers to the questions.
In five years, I expect to have graduated from college.
In ten years, I will be working at Google.
In fifteen years, I will be married with 3 kids.
In twenty-five years, I will own my own home in Cupertino.
In fifty years, I will be retired and cruising the Carribean.

Assignment 3.2: Writing Your Name (10 pts)
  • For this project write a Java program that displays your name in banner-sized letters to the console (video screen).
  • For example, the output of the program for the name J Parrish would be:
   J P  P A  A R  R R  R  II  S    H  H
J  J P    A  A R  R R  R  II     S H  H
  • The letters should be written like the above using a 4 character width by 5 character length (4x5) letters.
  • The name of the source code file must be
  • Each banner letter must be made from the uppercase letters of the letter being created.
    For example, a banner "A" would be made of uppercase A's as shown above.
  • Print at least 7 banner-sized letters and no more than 18.
    The example above has 8 banner-sized letters.
  • Note: No input is needed or allowed.
  • Hint: To complete this assignment, write 5 System.out.println statements.
  • Think in terms of horizontal lines! You will not be able to print one letter at a time. Rather, you will need to print out each row of the output one by one.
    • In the above example, this is the first row:
        J PPP   AA  RRR  RRR  IIII  SSS H  
  • When you are finished, upload to Canvas.

Assignment 3.3: Pair Programming (10 pts)

  • Introduction to Pair Programming: a professionally developed video (10 minutes)
  • Watch the above video and answer the questions on this worksheet
  • For all classwork, we will be working in pairs for the rest of the quarter
  • Upload your completed worksheet to Canvas when you are finished as a .doc, .docx, .odt, or .pdf.