Final Project (5% of Final Grade)
Due in class on Thursday, June 21

  • For your final project, I want you to have the opportunity to explore the field of computer science.
  • So far, our class programs have not given you an idea of the scope of what you can do with your programming skills.
  • Therefore, this project will require you to research one area of computer science and give a presentation about your findings.
  • Working in groups of 4, you should select a topic that you think might interest you from among the possible choices.
  • You should then sign up for a topic on our sign up sheet.
  • Finally, you should prepare a group presentation of 5 minutes per the requirements of this project.

Research Topics

  • Here are the possible topics for your presentation. If you want to select a different topic, you must get special permission from your instructor.
    • Game Programming
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer Security
    • Computer Vision
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Mining
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Web Programming and Web Design
    • Robotics
    • Computer Graphics
    • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    • Software Engineering

How to Select a Topic
  • To secure your topic of choice, you must sign up on the sign up sheet.
  • Only one team per topic is allowed.

Presentation Requirements

  • You will be graded on a 20 point scale as follows:

Point Value
 First Slide
 Your first slide must display your topic and the full names of all presenters. At this point in the presentation, each team member should introduce him or herself and one person should state the topic of the presentation.
 Second Slide
 Your second slide must provide an outline of what you will cover in your presentation. This outline must be a list in either bullet point or numerical form. One member of the team should briefly go over what will be discussed during this part of the presentation.
 Slide 3
 Your third slide must give an overview or brief summary of what your chosen topic is. In other words, define your topic.
 Slide 4 - next to last
 Additionally your presentation should cover:
1. Advances or major contributions to this field
2. Examples of this field in "every day life" (you can consider this loosely if your field is somewhat more removed from everyday life)
3. Possible career paths in this field, including salary information if possible.
4. What you need to know or study to enter this field.
 Final Slide
 Thank the audience and ask for questions
 All Slides
 Presentation aesthetics: Is your presentation laid out nicely with lots of images and clear, readable text
 All Slides
 Is the presentation delivered in a practiced and professional manner

Time Requirements
  • Your presentation must not be longer than 5 minutes in length + 1 minute for questions
  • It is expected that you have practiced your presentation and are able to deliver all content in 5 minutes.
  • If you go over 5 minutes, the instructor will cut you off.

Additional Requirements

  • All members of the presentation team are required to speak for at least 1 minute during the presentation.

How to Submit

  • Please upload your presentation to Canvas before class on Thursday, June 21.
  • You are required to present during class on that day.
  • If you are not in class during your team's presentation, you will receive a 0 on this project. No makeups offered!