Welcome to Our Last Class!


  • Final Exam: Tuesday from 9:15am to 11:15am in this classroom!
    • No makeups - the exam must be taken on the day and at the time given
    • How to study: Old Quizzes, Midterms, Programs (In and Out of Class)
    • Final will be cumulative from first day of class through today's lesson
    • Will draw heavily from the practice quiz
    • Expect a program from a homework assignment I assigned after Midterm 2
  • Will spend the first part of class doing project presentations
  • After the presentations have finished, open lab to work on homework due Friday
  • Don't forget Lab 11 (Practice Quiz) and Assignment 21 due Friday at 11:55pm
  • Last chance to submit late work is today's in person office hours at 12:30!
    • Come early or I may not be able to take your work
    • Office hours will be packed!
    • Recall that all late work must be submitted during office hours - no more than one week late!

Final Project Presentations

~Good Luck Studying for the Final!~