Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

I will consent to letter of recommendation requests that meet the following criteria only:
  • You request the letter from me at least 4 weeks in advance of when the letter is needed to provide adequate time to work the letter into my schedule and write a good letter (you do not want me to rush through writing your letter).
  • I will not write letters during the Winter, Spring and Summer breaks. Therefore, you will need to make a request early if you need a letter with a deadline during one of the breaks.
  • You received an A-, A or A+ in my class (it helps me to write you a really good letter if I can say you got an A of some sort)
  • I will not provide letters directly to students. 
  • I will not provide letters that are not confidential (i.e. can be read by students).
  • I will only send letters to academic institutions or for jobs/internships that require a letter as part of the application process. In that case, you must provide me with the link and/or email address to furnish the letter directly to the company.
If you meet the above requirements, please send me the following information in an email:
  • The deadline by which the letter is due
  • The following information about you:
  1. Your full name
  2. The name you prefer to be called (if different from above)
  3. The quarter and year you took my class
  4. The course you took with me (CIS 22C, CIS 22A, CIS 36A, CIS 36B)
  5. The grade you received in the class.
  6. A description of any skills or qualities that you think make you a good candidate
  7. Your resume (if possible)
  • The following information about the school or internship that you are applying to:
  1. A link with the information about the program or internship's request for a letter (this gives me important information about what type of candidate the school or program is looking for)
  2. Why you wish to apply to this internship, school or program (please be specific so I can state this information in your letter)
Additionally, I encourage you to check out the WikiHow article about the how to request a letter of recommendation.